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Nightfall book cover
Nightfall (Brunswick #1)

Prospective Press


Jason isn't afraid of monsters. He is a native of Brunswick, the small town where the weird, magical, undead, and otherworldly live alongside humans in peace. What Jason does fear is middle school. To his relief, he makes a new friend immediately--Alex, a vampire and fellow Brunswickan. When Jason finds himself pursued by an unknown enemy with deadly intent, Alex and his formidable housemates take the boy under their protection It soon becomes apparent that the ancient prophecies they have been studying are inextricably linked to Jason's current crisis.


On another continent, a teenager named Richie is desperately searching for someone who might explain why his nightmares come true and how to make them stop. An encounter with a werewolf almost ends his quest forever, but he is rescued by an eccentric stranger who believes Richie will be able to get some answers from the maddeningly elusive physician Sally Kitch. Someone, however, seems determined that Richie and Sally never meet.

Blood Magik book cover
Blood Magik (Brunswick #2)

Prospective Press


Dark magics are in the air as the Kitch Manor team struggles to adapt to actually making progress. There's no time to celebrate saving Jason and Richie-ten more young Guardians are still out there. Only all twelve, together, can seal the apocalyptically destructive Infinites away for good. And now they know that Jasmine and her army of genies will do anything to pick off as many Guardians as they can.


Things are getting complicated for Jasmine, too. With a new rival, a new ally, and big plans for Brunswick, she has a lot to occupy her thoughts. Now she doesn't just have to outmaneuver Sally, she's obliged to compete with some necromancer. Winner take all. Unfortunately for her, he's pretty good at it, and there's a tween fashionista in Canada he's drawn a target on.


Pastoral zombies. Tropical demons. Magic rooted deep in blood. Old secrets will rise to the surface like long-buried bones. Two new Guardians await their destiny, but who will get to them first?

Brunswick #3

Prospective Press

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy your books?

The best place is or, if you life in North Carolina, your local independent bookstore. Malaprops in Asheville is a personal favorite that I know stocks them. You can also order off the Barnes and Noble website. My books are available on Amazon, if you must, but Amazon likes to take money away from small authors and publishers, so avoid them if possible!

Is this book appropriate for my child?

Only you know that for sure. You know the children in your life better than I do. I generally recommend the Brunswick books for ages 12 to 16 as a guideline.

Is this available as an e-book?

Yes! They are available on Kindle or Nook.

Is this available as an audiobook?

Unfortunately, not yet. That was on the to-do list right before the pandemic which nearly did my publisher in. We're getting back on our feet, though, so the big audiobook project is tentatively back on the horizon.

How do you feel about fan art/fanfiction?

Yes, please! I'll add your fan art to the gallery page, too, if you'd like.