Merry reading!

I have slightly overbooked myself.

I kind of forgot when AtomaCon is. For some reason, I was sure that it happens in June or July, maybe just because I associate Charleston with being hot. But it isn't. It's actually the weekend after RavenCon this year. Whoops. I forgot to apply as a guest until probably entirely too late, but even if I can't be a panelist, I'm still going to be there. So, catch me in North Charleston May 4 and 5, at the Aeronautical Training Center (BLDG 1000) at Trident Technical College. Grady Hendrix is the guest of honor this year, which I'm pretty excited about. And a bunch of my friends are guests, too: Dance Harden, John Hartness, Darin Kennedy, Tally Johnson, and probably several people I'm missing. It should be a fun time. Tickets for the whole weekend are $30 or $20 for either day.